HSO ProServ projects360 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

As a key component of HSO ProServ’s industry strategy for project-driven organizations, we’ve developed a deep set of extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations service industries solution to provide best-in-class ERP capabilities, drive the adoption of industry best practices, and accelerate implementations of Dynamics 365 while also reducing your cost and risk.

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projects360 Features Manual

At the top of the page, a Version drop-down is available to select the version you are currently on, and the manual will only reflect features available on that version. On the left of the page, use the Table of contents to select a specific topic you are looking for. Also, when on a specific projects360 form within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, clicking the Help button will bring you back to the correct article(s) for that form.

The topic areas included in the Feature Manual include:

There is also a dedicated site for the projects360 for Project Operations solution and projects360 BI Feature Manual.

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This feature manual provides detailed information on all the features available in projects360. It continuously updated as versions and features change. If you have any suggestions or any feedback pertaining to documentation, existing features, or new feature requests, please either comment on an article or email us.