While using the participant option for workflow approvals, only a limited number of workers can be approvers such as project manager or project controller. In order to allow another employee who is not a project manager to approve documents, this feature has been added.

With the recent changes in this feature, an employee can be approver for their own documents. This validation has been removed considering a scenario where an employee does not have a person to approve their timesheet, probably due to their position.

This feature has been added to allow users to setup the approvers for timesheets, expenses and Purchase requisition documents at the worker level. This modification is more apt for organizations where there is only one level of approval. This feature is not controlled by any parameter.

With this change the user can define any active worker including himself from the current legal entity who can approve the below types of documents:

– Timesheet.
– Expenses.
– Purchase requisitions.
– Personal time off.

Any of the approvers would be able to approve any of these documents based on the setup in the workflow. In short, all these approvers would be available as participants in the workflows for these documents.