Parameter Setup

On projects360 parameters from, in the Invoicing tab, a new parameter “Invoicing paragraph” has been introduced to control the Invoice paragraph feature. When the user makes the value of this check box to ‘Yes’, the Invoicing paragraph functionality gets activated. This checkbox gets enabled only when ‘Activate invoicing enhancement’ checkbox is set to ‘Yes’..

Go to Project management and accounting > Setups > projects360 Parameters > Invoicing tab

Fields Description
Invoicing paragraph When this parameter is set to Yes, paragraphs can be associated to the invoice proposal and transactions can be grouped based on the paragraphs attached.

Project invoice grouping

On project invoicing group form, ‘Paragraph’ attribute is added under under Hour, Expense, Fee, Item, On account and All tab. This checkbox will be available only when ‘Invoicing paragraph’ check box is marked on the parameters.

Go to Project management and accounting > Setup > projects360 Setup > Project invoicing group.
Go to Project billing > Setup > Project invoicing group

Invoicing paragraph template

New form ‘Invoicing paragraph template’ is introduced to create and maintain invoice paragraph templates. ‘Paragraph’ created can be attached directly on the invoice proposal or can be attached on the funding sources.

Go to Project management and accounting > Setup > projects360 Setup > Invoicing paragraph > Invoicing paragraph templates.

Details of the fields available on the invoicing paragraph template form are as follows –

Fields Description
Paragraph template ID Define paragraph template ID.
Description Define description for the paragraph template ID.
Paragraph number This field defaults with the numeric.
Paragraph Define paragraph.

Project Contract Form

A new field ‘Default paragraph template’ has been added in the Project contract under General tab. User can setup the default paragraph template. While using the invoicing paragraph functionality, this option will get enabled and defaults on the funding source line. The invoicing paragraph selected in this field shall default onto the invoice proposal and will determine the grouping of the transactions on the invoice.