Project managers often find it difficult to determine the timesheets that have not been submitted on time. This is very tedious work, as there is no one common page or form in D365FO where the user gets to see all the timesheets of all employees for all pay periods. This is very essential for a project manager to get the timesheets posted to the invoice and recognize revenue.

To overcome this shortcoming, a feature has been introduced which provides a list page where the project manager can see all the missing timesheets of employees. There are other add-ons provided which are beneficial for:

– Approvers of timesheets, where they can see the list of timesheets of resources for whom they are approvers.
– Project managers, who can see timesheets of all employees who are assigned to his\her project or projects.

There are specific areas to view late timesheets and include: All missing timesheets, My employee missing timesheets, My projects missing timesheets and workspaces where users can view the timesheets with different status.

There are users in the organization such as Admin or helping staff who never will enter time, to avoid viewing of such missing timesheets on the late timesheets list, we have introduced a feature to control the records not to be shown as missing timesheet instead showing up the records as No timesheet record for such employees.