Time Export

Once the pay codes are configured and information is validated, users can export the hours captured in the system using time export process.

The users can export the timesheets for a specific period. Once the process is run, a message is displayed in the action center with details. Time export process form can be accessed from:

Project management and accounting > projects360 periodic > Time export > Time export process
Go to Timesheets > Timesheet integration > Export time

The fields available on this form are as follows:

Fields Description
From date Enter the date from where hour records need to export.
To date Enter the date till where hour records need to export
Payroll date Enter the payroll date for the above mentioned from and to dates.
Worker type The options available are – All, Employee and Contractor. Select the option for which data need to be exported.
Pay cycle Choose the pay cycle for which the time export is desired. The pay cycles available here is defined in the Human resource module.