Parameter Setup

In the projects360 parameters, under the Manage subprojects tab, ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 2’ fields will be available to define the Subproject format.

Go to Project management and accounting > Setups > projects360 parameters > Manage subprojects tab

Fields Description
Update references This button is provided to update the Root project ID, Level 1 and Level 2 fields in the Proj table. We are providing this option as one time process to update all records after upgrading from previous versions. Once you are on the latest version, these fields will be automatically updated on create/update events on the projects. This process needs to be executed to show the right data on the manage subprojects data entity.
Level 1 This field represents the format of subproject at level 1. This field is same as the standard field ‘Default subproject ID format’ on the project accounting and management parameters. Modifying the field on either places will reflect changes on the subsequent forms.
Level 2 This field represents the format of subproject at level 2. By default the field will be empty and user has to provide the format value. If this is left empty then the standard subproject format will be used.