Line Level Approval Form

Go to Project and Management accounting > projects360 > Timesheet line level approval
Go to Timesheets > Approval process > Timesheet line level approval

  1. All the lines that are assigned for approval for the current user is seen in this list page.
  2. The lines shown are from all the legal entities.
  3. Lines are grouped based on the project and timesheet period.
  4. Period starting and Period ending defines the timesheet period which can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.
  5. Work week field will be displayed only for the lines where the timesheet period is more than a week.
  6. Sales price is displayed in the timesheet line under timesheet line level approval form.
  7. Approver has ability to edit an external comment on line level timesheet approval form and when approver edits the timesheet comment, comments are updated in timesheet external comments.
  8. If the “Timesheet line level approval” parameter is marked under Resourcing tab on projects360 parameters form, then Booked hours will be displayed on the form.