projects360 10.0.24 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations introduces set of new features which includes Pre billing review and mobile workspace. This release also includes few enhancements to existing features such as Fee management, Contract management, Invoice grouping, Invoice archives, Adjustment requests, Billing schedule, Time export, Resourcing, Revenue recognition, Manage sub projects, Subcontractor reconciliation, AR aging, HR automated events, Unit code entry, Unit billing, Daily timesheet.!

New Features

Pre-billing summary view

This new feature allows project managers to review the billing transactions and provides the ability to write electronic notes on billing summary. The version history of billing summary notes are saved and available for future reference. We have added a parameter under projects360 parameters to control this functionality.

Mobile workspace

A new projects360 mobile workspace has been developed to add existing timesheet projects360 features (Work locations, Submit time) as part of the mobile “Time entry” experience. This mobile timesheet app provides the ability to capture time on the go even when mobile network is not available.

Features Enhanced

Fee management

Revenue adjustment

In this enhancement, users will be allowed to select multiple adjustment records and post multiple records at the same time. “Revenue adjustment” table is added to “Post revenue adjustments” process to filter the records before posting the adjustments.

Remaining to invoice

In this enhancement, new column “Remaining to invoice” is added on the fee management form which displays the remaining amount that is outstanding to the process invoice.

Contract management

In this enhancement, new parameter is introduced to restrict the entry on the header type of projects. When this parameter is set as “Yes”, then the user won’t be able to distribute any amount if project is set as “Header”.


Invoice grouping

In this enhancement, user has given an option to view the “Cost plus rate” for the hour transaction and “Quantity” for the expense transactions on the invoice lines and invoice report. This feature can be configured from the invoice group settings.

Invoices for PWP

The invoice proposal creation process has been enhanced to automatically select the PWP vendor invoice lines related to “Progress” or “Fixed Fee” projects. This feature can be activated by parameters.

Invoice rounding

The automatic rounding feature was enhanced to allow rounding amount to be distributed by project instead applying the rounding only to the first project.

Adjustment request

In this enhancement, the existing “Adjustment request” form is enhanced with the capability of creating and generating a new request at the same time. This will minimize number of clicks for project managers.

Billing schedule

My billing schedule form

“My billing schedule” form was enhanced to filter “Billing schedule lines” based on the responsible fields related with current user. All “Billing schedule lines” will be displayed if the current user is assigned as the “Project manager” at the main project level.

Billing schedule by main project.

While creating billing schedules, new process is introduced to create new “Billing schedule” record for each “Main project” related with the selected project contract. This process allow to create multiple “Billing schedule” for same “Contract Id” and same period, but different “Project Id”.

Revenue adjustment.

New button “Revenue adjustment” is added on the billing schedule lines which allows to open the revenue adjustment from the billing schedule lines.

Pre-billing reviewed

New option “Pre-billing reviewed” is added under billing schedule status to update the status of the Billing schedule. This feature is controlled through a parameter.

Time export

In this enhancement, “Overtime type” can be defaulted by “Overtime validation group” auto-populating the right type during the timesheet entry. In case if there is no type defaulted on the overtime validation group then the overtime time type will be defaulted from Overtime type main form.


Customer name and Main project name

In this enhancement, “Customer name” and “Main project name” fields are added on “Resource view” and “Intelligent fulfillment form”. This feature is controlled by parameter.

Contract value

In this enhancement, new fields are added on the “Resource forecast” fact box, which displays the “Total contract hours” and “Total labor contract value” for the selected project. This feature is controlled by parameter.

Manage subprojects

Now we can configure the “Manage subprojects” labels displayed at “Create” buttons for both the subprojects level.

Subcontractor reconciliation

In this enhancement, “Reconciliation difference threshold” parameter has been added to process the vendor invoices/Invoice journals which has penny differences while reconciling the hours/expenses with the vendor invoice amount.

AR aging

In this enhancement, new field “Grand total” is added on “WIP aging” report.

Unit code entry

A new method of calculation “Timesheet entry” was added to the “Unit billing forecasts” form. The “Unit billing proposal” creation process will fetch the unit code entered from the timesheet with transaction type “Item” at “Unit billing forecast” form. This will have the same behavior as calculation method “Manual” apart from fetch the sales quantity.

Unit billing

A new form is introduced to show all the unit proposals on a single form. Unit billing proposals can be reviewed and posted from this form.

Daily timesheet entry

In this enhancement, new field “Line property” is added on the “Daily timesheet entry” form.

Revenue recognition

New data entity is added to export the revenue recognition records.

HR automated events

With this enhancement to HR automated events, ‘Email provider ID’ field will be updated automatically on the user record. The default value is taken from the Batch email provider field in Email parameters.

Again, with another enhancement to HR automated events, the employee financial dimensions will be inherited from position when a primary position is associated to an employee.

Preview Features

Invoice Archives

New capability to generate invoice archives as PDF file is added to the existing feature. This functionality will generate a single PDF file containing all the attached invoice backups. This first version only supports any image, notes and PDF formats. This new functionality can be enabled through a projects360 parameter. This functionality is a preview for the current version.