Parameter Setup

This feature is not controlled by a parameter. However, the aging periods by which the AR aging list page has to be to specified on the parameters form. Using this parameter, a periodic report is generated that categorizes a company’s accounts receivable as per the length of time an invoice has been outstanding.

Go to Project management and accounting > Setup > projects360 parameters
Go to Project billing > Setup > Billing parameters

Fields Description
Aging period definition This value defaults on aging snapshot form.
Accounts receivable by project When this parameter is activated, customer balance will be posted per project. if the parameter is not activated customer balance will be updated per customer.
Activate AR collection notes When this parameter is activated, collection notes can be created for each invoice and history can be maintained.

Accounts receivable balance per project

When the invoice is posted for the multiple projects, Accounts receivable balance will be posted per project. This will be controlled through parameter ‘Accounts receivable balance per project’ when activated, customer balance along with the adjusted taxes will be posted per project.

Customer transactions

New fields Project invoice and Project ID is added on the Customer transactions form to identify the invoice based on the project. AR collection notes button is added under ‘Collections’ menu button.

Details of the fields are below.

Fields Description
Project invoice Displays the Invoice number suffixed by project ID.
Project ID Project ID of the invoice.

Contract Open Invoice – Invoice Aging Snapshot

After posting the transactions/Invoices, the aging snapshot should be run. Contract open invoice and My open invoice list page will get updated after snapshot is run. Aging period definition on the Invoice aging snapshot form will default from the projects360 parameter.

Go to Project management and accounting > projects360 Periodic > Invoice aging snapshot.
Go to Project billing > Process invoices > Open invoices snapshot.