Every time a new employee is hired in the organization, the User, User to worker relationship, Security roles, Employee Project Setup, Project Resource Record, Resource/Project Validation Groups, Cost Price Per Hour, Timesheet Periods, Vendor, and Employee Mapping to Vendor need to be setup. Much of this information can be defaulted as it is the same for every Worker.

With HR Automated Events activated, every time the Worker is created with a base set of information, a set of HR events will automatically setup the tables listed above. This automated triggering of setups works when setting up a Worker via the UI, and/or when integrating new Worker records from Data entities or Dynamics 365 Talent. A New Parameters form is available to default setups and differentiate between Employee and Contractor setups. Since this functionality involves creating Users and assigning Security roles, there’s a special “HR automated events” security role required to modify the setups.