Entering timesheets on a daily basis or soon after a task is completed is an inefficient process for the users as there are so many required fields to be updated and saved. Finally on the day of submission of timesheets, the users spend a lot time trying to recall all the activities worked during the week/period or quickly look at their mailbox/calendars to recall details of the tasks.

To overcome this issue, some people make note of all the activities/time spent on various activities in an MS Excel workbook, notepad, etc. Then they manually re-type it all in the timesheets when they have to submit their time for approval.

projects360 introduces a new feature, which allows employees to save their pending timesheets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and then transfer the information to timesheets. This feature is not driven or controlled by any parameters. Any timesheet user is able to use this feature.