Workspaces is a new concept in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, where this page is role specific and based on their roles, all the functionalities available for that role with respect to the module is available. For example, a Project manager would be more interested in his project timesheets, ability to create a new project, or review his transactions, so all of this is grouped into one workspace. Workspaces can be used to launch multiple pages from one place.

Workspace parameters

Parameters settings are required for few Tiles which can be defined on the projects360 parameters.

Buttons Description
Form name Displays all the form for which the data can be viewed based on Hierarchy.
Hierarchy There are 2 options ‘Report to position’ and ‘Report of timesheet approver. Based on the option selected data will be displayed on the Tile/List.

Sections of a Workspace

A typical Workspace can have the following sections as listed below:

1. Tiles section – Generally gives some statistical data. It either gives the count of the records or the information that the tile holds or allows the user to launch a list page or the related form to see more details.

2. List page section – This section is where several list pages and its related information is displayed. Above the list page are the buttons related to the list using different actions that can be performed or that can be navigated to another form.

3. Action pane buttons – Using these buttons, the users can create new records such as a new project in PM workspace, new timesheets in Project tasks workspace, etc., or open the list pages or related forms to see more details.

4. Power BI Section – This is a place where all the Power BI reports related to the role this workspace has access to are displayed. Users can embed Power BI into workspaces and get up-to-date and favorite reporting visualization of their business.

5. Links and Help section – This section contains all the help information or related help for the kind of data and information displayed on the workspace.

projects360 Workspaces:

The workspaces built as part of projects360 are as follows, select the links provided below to know more about a specific workspace:

Project Management
Sales & Marketing
Project Tasks
Global Project Administration
Project Accounting
Project Status
Resource Management