projects360 10.0.26 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations introduces set of new features which includes Expense line level approval, AR collections. This release also includes few enhancements to existing features such as Fee management, Invoice grouping, Invoice document review, Adjustment requests, Billing schedule, Time export, Resourcing, Unit code entry, Automatic transactions, Timesheet line level approval, Timesheet comments, WBS Enhancements, Quick project search, Overtime, Workspaces, Mobile workspace and Data entities!

New Features

Expense line level approval

New feature “Expense line level approval” allows expense approvers to quickly review and modify expense report lines during approval process. The approver can modify Date, Amount, Currency, Line property and Additional information. This enhancement shows all the expense lines pending for approval in single view/page to execute the workflow actions

AR collections

This new feature provides the ability to create “AR collections notes” improving communication between Project Managers and Project Accountants. Tracking information such as “Created date/time” and “Created by” is stored allowing only the creator to modify or delete his/her own notes. These notes are also available from standard “Collection details” form.

Note: This feature won’t require “Finance” type of licensing (Important for PM users)

Mobile app workspace

Overtime entry

The projects360 mobile app workspace now allows users to capture the overtime entry through the mobile. The availability of this functionality is controlled through a parameter in projects360 parameters.

Quick project search

Quick project search capabilities available in F&O are extended to the projects360 mobile app workspace. The availability of this functionality is again controlled by a parameter in projects360 parameters.

Copy entry

This new enhancement in projects360 mobile app workspace allows users to quickly copy an existing record and create a new line. Once the new line is created, users can update the required information and save the record.

Week summary

A new form/UI has been designed in the projects360 mobile app workspace to show weekly summary of all the time entered or submitted so far for the current week.

Features Enhanced

Timesheet line level approval

Timesheet line level approval form is enhanced to allow edit the timesheet line fields such as Hours, Work location, Category and line property where approvers can edit these fields based on the parameter before approving the timesheet line.

Fee management

Update retention

With this enhancement to the product, users can update the retention percentages for the selected billing rules on the project contracts form. Users can select multiple billing rules and update the retention percentage.

Fixed exchange rate

Existing Microsoft standard configuration for “Project contract > Fixed rate agreements” is now taken in consideration when multi-currency conversion is used in “Fee management” for migrated data. Now the WIP and invoiced fields are calculated based on the fixed rate agreements defined on the contract.

Revenue adjustments

Revenue adjustment feature is enhanced to generate auto-reversals based on 606 revenue compliance requirements, this reversals are applicable to “Contract cap” and “NTE” revenue adjustments completion methods.

Invoice grouping

This enhancement provides users an option to view the ‘Sales price’ for the expense transaction on the invoice lines and invoice report. This feature can be configured from the invoice group settings.

Invoice document review

Now, Invoice document review feature supports the electronic reporting functionality. If the print management is configured to use the electronic reporting, users will be able to generate the tiff file out of the report configured as electronic report.

Adjustment request

The existing “Adjustment request” form is enhanced to include ‘Fee’ and ‘Item’ type of transactions. With this enhancement users will be able to view all the transactions posted for projects for the given date range.

Billing schedule

Fields like Contract value, WIP, Invoiced and %progress are added on the billing schedule lines displaying the fee management related information.

Time export

In this enhancement, filter options are added on ‘Export time for Payroll’ which helps the user to only export the time based on their selected criteria. Along with the advanced filter options, users can exclude the adjusted transactions from time entries.


Role default

In this enhancement, ‘Role’ on the resource forecast will get defaulted from the project manager assigned during the project creation.

Labor contract totals

In this enhancement, new fields are added on the “Project view” fact box, which displays the “Total contract hours” and “Total labor contract value” for the selected project.

Copy forecast

In this enhancement, users will be able to select multiple projects to copy the resource forecast. This will help in case where similar forecasts need to be copied across multiple projects/subprojects at the same time.

Unit code entry

In this enhancement, users are allowed to create and post the unit code entry without timesheet hours.

Automatic transactions

In this enhancement, ‘Destination project’ fields are added allowing users to select which project will be used when the automatic transaction is created.

Timesheet comments

This enhancement provides the ability to make internal and external comments non-mandatory for specific projects. New settings are added to skip the timesheet comments validation as an exception for specific project.

WBS Enhancements

In this enhancement, ‘Activity code is added on the Resource forecast form and Posted transactions form to provide more information to the users.

Quick project search

Added specific parameter to activate the quick project search for simple adjustments.


In this enhancement, new parameter is added to control the use of project categories only for the Overtime lines. Along with this, ‘Timesheet week summary’ is added on Timesheet and Daily timesheet giving the details of the total number of hours for each day categorizing into ‘Regular hours’ and ‘Overtime hours’.


With this enhancement to Project details workspace, new link ‘Copy forecast’ is been added to navigate to the form.

In this enhancement, new options are added to show the information based on Timesheet approver or Reports to position for various Tiles/List on the workspaces. The list of tiles and list pages where this is applicable is –

  • My resource list
  • My Employee Missing Timesheet
  • My resources PTO request
  • My employee PTO balances

Data entities

Subcontractor reconciliation

Data entities are available to import or update the subcontractor reciliation data. These data entities will help in updated or migrating the large number of records at once.

Work Breakdown structure

To facilitate the PowerBI reporting for the work breakdown structure data, we have exposed a new set of entities. These entities are –

  • PMBI_ProjCostTransCost
  • PMBI_ProjEmplTransCost
  • PMBI_PSAActivitySetup
  • ProjJournalTrans

Transaction entities

Customer and Project transactios –

  • Added ‘Project ID’ and ‘Project Invoice ID’ fields from “CustTrans” table to “DocumentCustTrans” table for quick import/export.
  • Add ‘Role Id’ to ‘ProjectPostTransView’ entity.