Revenue Recognition

The revenue recognition of unit forecast lines is defined on the unit forecast line under the revenue recognition fast tab. Two methods of revenue recognition are available in this feature, one is immediate and the other is deferred revenue recognition. When the method is set to immediate, the revenue is recognized immediately, whereas when the method is set to Deferred, the revenue is deferred over a period of time based on the deferment schedule selected. To know more about the deferment of revenue, please read Revenue Recognition article.


The user will be able to invoice the units that have been posted using the Update and post unit proposals form. All lines that are in the status posted will be considered for the invoice that is raised from the project.

The project invoice will respect all the rules that are defined in the invoicing group that is attached to the invoice, when the projects360 invoice grouping feature is used. To know more about the raising invoices and grouping transactions based on various attributes, please read Invoice Grouping article.