A feature called, “Time export”, has been introduced to provide timesheet hours from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to Payroll systems for payroll processing. As this export is for payroll, pay codes are a key element and part of this feature. A new form has been introduced to define pay codes for project/category/line property. These pay codes are associated with the transactions based on the setup and are also grouped based on pay codes for payroll processing.

There is a provision to consider timesheets that are approved and not yet posted. A parameter was added under projects360 to achieve this functionality.

In case there are any adjustments to timesheets in the current period, the same functionality will be available in the subsequent time export, as an adjustment, thereby ensuring that the timesheet corrections and adjustments are captured in the time export.

The time export lines can be viewed in the inquiry forms provided in this feature and can be exported using the Data management services. Only the lines for the batch with status ‘Created’ can be exported through the data management, for the lines missing the pay codes use the ‘Export to excel’ function from within the time export lines form.